Documentation Contribution

Writing documentation is a great way to start improving GhostBSD user experience and you will be helping a lot of GhostBSD users to better understand their desktop and applications. Anyone with reasonable English skills and good knowledge of FreeBSD, GhostBSD or MATE can help.

Communicating with the team

There are many ways to get in touch with the team:

Those three messaging platform are connected together. So whatever you use IRC, Telegram or Matrix you will be connected to all the messaging platform.

Getting the resources

In order to document GhostBSD projects, you will want to run a recent GhostBSD build, and to document third-party projects, you will also need a recent version of that program. We are use Sphinx with MyST to makes it easy to create our Documentation Hub. Any one that wants to help should start to be familiar with Git, GitHub and MyST Markdown syntax.

The instructions for install and setup can be found on the GhostBSD Documentation GitHub repository.


You can get your first contribution committed today! Here are some tasks for the beginner:

  • Read the documentation if there is a grammar issue, fix it

  • Improve the sentences and paragraphs

  • Update ScreenShots and Documentation

  • Create issues on our GitHub Documentation Issues.

There are also tasks and issues that can be found at our Documentation Management on GitHub.

If you see any article from the Wiki that could be ported communicate the effort with the others in the GhostBSD dev chat.