Get Involved

Welcome to the GhostBSD Community! By getting involved, you will meet new friends, learn new skills and make a difference for many users while working with people from all around the globe. This page will give you a brief introduction to things everyone contributing to GhostBSD should know and help you get started with contributing.

We want to ensure that GhostBSD contributors remain a welcoming and friendly place where people can feel comfortable. Therefore, we ask you to abide by the GhostBSD Code of Conduct when interacting with the rest of the GhostBSD community.

Getting Started

This section covers requirements and technology used by GhostBSD. If you need help to get started, please ask any questions you may have on Telegram or Element!

Find out more about how to get started.

Issue Reporting

If you’ve found a problem or have an idea for an improvement, report it to the developers! QA is critically important to ensure quality, and you can be involved to make sure that our users are happy with the final products.

Bug Triaging

If you’d like to take the next step in contributing to GhostBSD, help triage all those GitHub tickets that people are filing! By separating the wheat from the chaff, you will help developers figure out which issues they need to work on and help them get the information they need to fix them. You don’t need any programming experience to triage GitHub tickets, and it’s a perfect introduction if you want to become a developer eventually but don’t feel like your programming experience is good enough yet.


If you’d like to contribute code for the GhostBSD project, there are many small tasks available, so you don’t even need to be a programmer to start developing GhostBSD! In the process, you’ll learn valuable new skills like C, Python, GTK, Shell Scripting, Creating and maintaining FreeBSD ports, and so on.

Documentation Contribution

Even with the best-designed software, users will need documentation to help them do what they want and get the most out of it. Good-quality documentation is essential and has one of the most significant impacts on end-users.

Find out more about helping with the GhostBSD documentation.

Users Support

Sometimes users will run into trouble, have questions, and not find help or answers on their own. They will need someone to provide guidance and help. The GhostBSD Community provides several platforms for users to ask for support from other users, so other users must be ready to give that support.

Find out more about providing user support.