Users Support

Helping other users is a great way to contribute back, and it helps developers to focus on working on GhostBSD bugs and new features. Anyone with reasonable Linux/BSD experience and English skills can help.

Users Support platform

There are many platform where users may ask for support:


GhostBSD Telegram Group is connected to the GhostBDS IRC channel with Matrix Telegram Bridge so only one messaging platform is needed to help Users on the tree messaging platform.

Feel free to track any platform where you feel you may be able to help users.

User Support Resources

When helping users, is good to be familiar with certain help resources yourself, so that you can simply point users to the right resource when possible:

Be a Welcoming helper

Patience is a virtue. And like most virtues, sometimes it isn’t easy. Interacting online has its own challenges, and it can be a little too easy to dismiss people. But you could be the difference between someone who abandons GhostBSD because of a lack of friendly support, and someone who becomes an invested member of the community. So be respectful, be helpful, and be excellent to each other.